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The Natural Boost is a visually stunning, nature-themed clean boost pedal that enhances your sound while captivating your senses. With a Class A preamp circuit that uses a JFET and a BJT, it delivers pure, warm tones, preserving your guitar's natural sound. Let the Natural Boost immerse you in the beauty of nature and ignite your musical creativity.


LED brightness is relative to where your gain knob is set; the brighter the louder!


Artwork by Adriano Vasquez. 

Natural Boost

Expected to ship by the end of July
  • Type: Boost

    Range: Up to +20db of boost

    Bypass: True Bypass Switching


    Power Source: 9V DC power supply sold separately

    Dimensions:  W2.56", H4.72", D1.57"


Megan L Demo

Brock Davisson Demo


Fender Texas Special > Diorama Natural Boost > Orange Rockerverb 50 mkii > Celestion V30 > SM57

w/ OD

Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB > Diorama Natural Boost > Mad Professor Sweet Honey OD > Orange Rockerverb 50 mkii > Celestion V30 > SM57

Guitar playing provided by Walter Stanley

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